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Toronto's Beach Icon - Garden gate restaurant

Established 1952.
The Garden Gate, opened its doors to a parade of diners that would come from the four corners of the world. It soon became a ‘go to place’ for the tired, the hungry and the not-too-rich of all ages and persuasions! Affectionately known as THE GOOF.

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Classic Menu Choices

Some things never change!

And that's a good thing. Here’s to GOOD FOOD, or GOO FOO, or THE GOOF... and doing what the place has done best for another sixty (or seventy-five or a hundred) years.


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Made for Families

Like the big sign outside suggests, a proud tradition was built on GOOD FOOD (and plenty of it) since this cozy little refuge opened its doors early in 1952. It has been a winning recipe that includes an army of friendly waiters, a commitment to cleanliness and, thanks to the customers, a family atmosphere that is the envy of all Toronto eateries.

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Pick Up & Delivery

Whether you want to dine in, pick up, or get delivery - The GOOF has you covered!

What are you waiting for? Order some food!

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Garden Gate Restaurant


2379 Queen Street East

Toronto, ON, M4E 1H5

Monday to Thursday 9am  to 10pm

Friday to Sunday 8am to 11pm